The urban plan of Shibam, in south Yemen, is the harmonious distribution of squares, streets and blind alleys ; the result of the sewage collection used as fertilizer. Each house has a waste disposal system provided with external outlets. The latter overlook narrow back streets, blind alleys or perimeter paths.       […]

    Tradition is the sum total of the experience of a whole race, of all generations. The tradition does not mean immobility; when a tradition has been established it is the duty of the artist bringing it forward, with his inventiveness, the impulse that will save her immobility. The effort of an individual can […]

      The functioning principle of the traditional systems is based on a strong cohesion between society, culture and the economy. Their efficacy depends on the interaction between several factors which should be carefully considered : aesthetic and ethical values complete the interaction between environmental, productive, technological and social aspects.         […]